Is your child highly sensitive?

Does your child:

  • struggle in crowded situations
  • get overwhelmed easily
  • have frequent tantrums
  • get sick easily
  • experience anxiety
  • have difficulty sleeping   
  • feel different than other      
  • need to observe before joining in
  • have trouble making decisions        
  • get agitated by loud noises, bright lights, strong smells
  • have trouble with transitions                                             
  • Is he/she: strong willed
  • empathic
  • creative
  • an old soul
  • intuitive
  • a perfectionist
  • shy
  • have food/environmental sensitivities
  • uncomfortable performing in front of others

If you answered yes to many of these, your child is most likely highly sensitive. Raising a sensitive, empathic child is a blessing, but with this personality trait may come many challenges.

As a mom of two highly sensitive children, a holistic health coach and pediatric massage therapist, I am here to support you by helping you understand your child, teaching you ways to provide  a balanced lifestyle, to nurture self esteem in your child, teach critical tools for self care and teach mindfulness tools to calm and nourish your child.

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- Thich Nhat Hanh