Relax From Within

a holistic approach to reducing 

 stress and anxiety in children and teens

Teaching children ways to turn stress into calm, while nurturing love is an incredible gift that you can give your child !

‚ÄčChildren/Teens experience stress just as adults do. They may experience stress from things such as separation anxiety, poor nutrition, rushed development, being over scheduled, environmental toxins, start of a new school, a move, birth of a sibling, divorce of parents, loud noises, being in large crowds, chaotic home life, stressed parents, exposure to adult conversation/news, lack of sleep, academic pressure, lack of outdoor time and movement, social pressure, lack of love, or being touch deprived. 

Stress may manifest as irritibility, constipation, headaches, stomachaches, nightmares, bedwetting, anxiety, poor memory, focus or comprehension, school refusal or difficulty sleeping.

It is critical to reduce stress hormones because they feed viruses, weaken the immune system, cause fatigue, anxiety and depression, increase inflammation, reduces the ability for the body to detox, makes learning challenging, and increases blood pressure. 

Research shows that children/teens who receive massage on regular basis may show such things as reduced stress and anxiety, feel happier and more relaxed, be more cooperative, have improved immune system, sleep better, improved their memory, focus and concentration, improved self esteem, be less aggressive and less hyperactive, show less touch adversion, and experience bonding and nurturing love, the foundation of every healthy and happy parent/child relationship.


Kelly Grich is passionate about teaching others ways to  reduce stress through massage and relaxation coaching, while nurturing the love and bond between parents and children. Love is the foundation for every happy and healthy parent/child relationship.



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